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I have an issue. I've played this game 2 days ago and it was fine. And today, I can't continue it anymore. After loading a save, the screen just gets stuck on the background, no characters appearing (sometimes it does appear, but no dialogues). I tried restarting the game many times, restarting my laptop, and redownloading the game.

windows version

I have found out that the latest save was the only one broken. I've tried the other saves and they were fine. But this is still an issue.. though, I can just catch up to my latest progress.

I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work. Is the same there?

Does this work on android

ill try it for you



just played the new update and holy mother of mercy the amount of times I was forced to restart the game was insane. I couldn't meet one character before the game decided to pull a wacky stunt and either 1. give me a black screen 2. get rid of the menu/text box so all I could do was stare at the character till I just exit out. or worst of all 3. the bug sticking onto a save. aka when trying to load the save the bug would follow, even if you use an earlier save the bug will likely carry over.

Maybe this is  only with mercy since that's the character i attempted before giving up cause my save kept getting corrupted aka i had to keep resetting the game.

The original build had glitches and bugs too, but i never had to restart the game twice after only 10 minutes of play. and plus the glitches in that version didn't crash your game (from what i remember) , at the most they only broke emersion and honestly used to give me laughs  when i found them. like seeing lex naked in front of amorous, that was at least funny. having to re-open a game over and over isn't.

but then again maybe its my fault, maybe i did a specific thing to cause all this. maybe the version is fucked up and the steam one is fine. i don't know i haven't tried the updated steam version it might not even have any of the issues I've been having

I'm not mad at the game, I'm just disappointed that THIS is your final sendoff to the game, a buggy headache.

but what do i know? I'm just some person complaining about a 2018 furry dating game and the devs don't even work on the game anymore so...ngabsafjkvbkjarnjgnaw


I would love to know a bit more about the things you've encountered. Eg. What did you do to have to restart the game, did it slow down? Hang? Black screen? etc.

Not opposed to fixing things.

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I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work. When you start the save in the moment of the options it show the background only nothing more in the screen, no dialog box or text, no options to choose or even the character in the background.

I use Windows 10 in a AMD Acer laptop but not the last version, just one before it with  8GB RAM * - ( and I tried to play it in full screen on my FullHD monitor but it show only the resolutions of the laptop not FullHD from my monitor. 

In full mode it stuck in the top to left side of it and I need turn that smaller to be able to move the windows to the monitor with better colours. But I could just turn the laptop screen off and see if that help. ) - * It just worked fine today when choosing  windows mode with 1920x1080 option but when set Fullscreen it zoom in the option menu hiding the Options and other buttons out off the screen if restart the game back to the laptop screen and be impossible to see the buttons of it. I had to disconnect the monitor and force close the game to get it back in 1366x768 to move to the monitor and readjust to full screen.

Yes, I played all dragon and lion route... I think. I got love achievement stuff and bird sex scene.

I count only 8 character to date. It is possible to date the DJ too? I may play with other two or three characters. Ok I saw that in the phone. I forgot the lion guy for a moment. *lol*

Sometimes Loading a Skye chat save, will freeze the game

Kermit the Frog like your game

game in general has more bugs now than when i first played it, this latest update just broke the game.


Aside from Zenith, could you go a little more in detail on things that broke?

when loading a save it just locks when you try to load any scene, and the phone icon is visible on the menu screen before loading a save

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when clicking on zenith, it freezes on a black screen, and sometimes clicking on coby in the club freezes with only the background loading


Known issue, will fix soon.


its been a while


Will there be a android version

on the mac version, there i cant launch the game it always automaticly crash....

Which Mac version are you on?





hello i have a problem the new update is bad and can you fix a bug i cant save evertime i log in all my save file is not saved and ever time i click zenith just stuck i have to log out and log in and also all my avatar is not saved and dates all gone can you fix it i can't take it no saves at all the time :(

What OS are you on and where did you install the game?

window and ever time i save and log in is gone no saves and reset  no avatar  no dates and ever time i click seth or zenith is stuck 

And try redownload and nope still the same like 7 months ago

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I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work where with me.

Windows 10 here.

ah ok


I wanted to go for the Dustin route but I made him mad and now I can’t get it. Is there any other way to get it or do I have to restart my save file? Also I can’t talk to Zenith because the screen turns black when I click on him :/


for the dustin part i would try going home then coming back with you can do if you click the power button on your phone or talk to coby. as for zenith i would just try every once in awhile go date someone else for the time being best thing i can suggest as it worked for me. hope this help.

Correct, going home resets Dustin's "angry" flag.

I had no problems to date they two at the same time.


Wish there was a android version

When I go talk to zenith the screen go black... What should i do ? I downloaded all the files needed (Net Framework and download C++) for this update but nothing change


I am addicted to playing this game


On Linux, at least, saves made during conversations just don't work. The character appears, but the UI is gone. It's basically softlocked. Good thing I had a save outside of dialogue...

Also the phone button shows up on the main menu after quitting, underneath the Patreon button


amogus 😳


pleas stop


I can't even talk to Zenith. I try to click on him and it leads me to a black screen, which sucks because he was one of the only two characters I was interested in pursuing a route with.


wait i got it, i had to download the x84 C++ for it to work

How do I get the file to open I can't get it to open and run on my device

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my save is not working evertime i log in all saves all gone takeing me back from start and evertime  i save and log in again is gone no saves fix it plzzzzzzzz


There's a bug where if you save at a dialogue choice the scene won't show up when you load that file.


Whenever i try to load, only the background shows up and no text

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I don't know if it’s something only I would like to see but it irritates me that it’s impossible to have no penis. (At least at my computer I played a female Character and in a sex-scene she suddenly had a penis)

So I would like to ask ,if it would be possible to use a sex-toy instead when it’s necessary for the character to have a tool for penetration.


can we please know whats the gender of the character im gonna fuck like goddamn seeing alex naked made me stay up til 1 am

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Mac user here.

downloaded the amorous, extracted file, opened file, gave permission to run file, game opens then immediately closes. Can you take a look at what may be happening?

Deleted 1 year ago
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No new female character this is pure bullshit


Man it feels great to be playing this game again! I'm really excited for when the sequel comes out!

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thanks you all so much for the update <3

is it true there is a oral scene between you and dustin when you do it route when your are on the beach date because i looked at the wiki for this game and and said if your flirt with dustin he will call you his prey and there will be a oral scene 


*gasp* an update

I can’t seem to finish downloading the iPhone version for apple it just goes halfway then completely stops, does it work on a different type of iPhone or am I missing something?

Does the game hold well on the tablet?

This game no longer works on Linux.


It's not working for me. I was able to download it and all that, but when I try to play nothing happens. Yet, it does say everything needs to be updated... either that or it's because I'm playing on a mac.

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I'm having the same problem with my mac too. I've downloaded I like normally have and it would say when I open it, "This application cannot be opened." I looked up so much on how to fix this problem but none of them worked. I'm hoping someone would know of this problem though, because if I can download Fursona Maker, I'm sure Amorous will be fixed that way too.


It would be nice if there was an android version so i can play since my laptop was destroyed

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