A downloadable Amorous for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Amorous is an adults only furry dating sim where you can meet and romance your dream furry date. Create your own OC as either a human or custom furry species and test your charisma skills by exploring and approaching various characters, each with their own story progression and intimate scenes that you can unlock by completing all of their date paths!

This game was made possible thanks our our supporters on:
Patreon and Subscribestar! We are grateful to be able to make Amorous free for everyone.

  • 9 fully datable characters
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue with branching trees for replayability
  • Several mini-games and novelties
  • Fursona Maker / Character Creator with content for all gender, body-type and personality preferences.

  • Everyone is welcome to join our Discord Community!
    Amorous is also available on Steam.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
PublisherSnaggletooth Studios
Release date Apr 12, 2018
AuthorsTeam Amorous, Jasonafex
Made withFNA, Adobe Photoshop
Tags18, Adult, Character Customization, date-simulator, Furry, fursona, NSFW, Porn, sex
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Community, Support, Twitter

Install instructions

• Windows - Extract & Launch Amorous.Game.Windows.exe
• Linux - Extract & launch Amorous.Game.Unix
Mac - Extract & launch Amorous-app

You may need to update .Net Framework and download C++ if you have any issues.


amorous-windows.zip 427 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-linux.zip 443 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-osx.zip 430 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021

Development log


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I was trying to click on zenith the green dragon and i'm stuck in black screen on the version 1.0.4.

Can you fix it ?

Are there new characters in the game? Its been a good few years since I played this.

Whenever I try to talk to Zenith, I get stuck at a black screen. Tried all the "fixes" but nothing worked

Idk why but when im trying talk to zenith game giving me black screen

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when i download it i cant open it. there is also no shortcut in the screen i just see the data in my explorer
and its not avalible on steam in my country per link
i also didnt find it on steam :/


hey i really like the game, maybe you could tune down some of the trasphobia stuff though its a bit triggering and its not needed, theirs also not any homo phobia so?


But I really like that characters ask for your pronouns and make sure your comftebole; it is very realistic and matches my own experience. its nice too be acknowledged


That’s Jasonafex for ya


Still very disappointed that you can create a fursona without a penis but they magically grow one through gameplay. For a game that advertises itself as customizable, it's very unfortunate that you can't play with a fursona that has a vagina, which about half of real-life people have.


I'm surprised you went through the warning that shows right after you make a character with such characteristcs explaining such behaviour and still came here to post about it.


Having a similar issue to another comment I saw, saving and loading into any conversation has the text disapear.


Can you do Android version please


This game is amazing! Perhaps one of my favorites. It would be reallly cool to have some interesting mechanics where you can also hinder your relationships with characters, idk, ideas are good but the game itself is great and you arent even finished. It would also be cool if you could talk to every character in the game, like the backround characters. All in all, this is one of the best furry games i have played and its not even done. Good Work!


My friend recommended me this game, I hate it so much


Having an an noying bug. Whenever I load into a conversation, none of the options show up and I stay stuck there. I have to close the game, reopen it and go to an earlier save outside of conversation.


female mode when


i loved this game soo much very good game :)

Yeah, i should use an android build. :p


Android version would be awesome, so I can play anywhere *wink*


i'm geting an error while trying to talk to zenith,the game goes to a black screen and stuck.

(3 edits)

i am fix bugs need again download and replace files

I was trying it


Could this run on window 6

No offense, but why are you using vista.

I'm using exagear on android

I thought you meant Windows.

exagear is a Windows emulator

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i have a bug, all cutscenes with Coby doesn't works, all dialogues with Coby and cutscenes crushes the game. i'm playing on 1.0.4


I will try to play.


o jogo é ótimo mas pena que não tenhe para android 😟


can we get a android port please


Whenever I try to approach Zenith, my game gets stuck on a black screen. I close the game and reopen it to try again, but the same thing happens. There's also a few other bugs, but they aren't much of a problem


Encountered a few bugs playing 1.0.4 today. Most notably if I make a save on a multiple choice option and then later reload that save, the choices, and dialogue, are missing and the game is softlocked, requiring me to force quit and effectively bricking that particular save file. Also, on the more minor end, trying to look at the extra of Remy's nudes from her contact page just resulted in pulling up the phone menu again, but not interactive, also softlocking (though that's obviously a less common scenario, and much more specific).


Im on Windows 10 on an HP laptop. I tried a few months ago to play the game but it continued crashing as soon as i pressed "start". then i couldnt re-open the game again so i had to uninstall and install but the same thing keepd happening. can someone tell me if the game is fixed? Id appreciate alot.

how did you play the game? when i download it there are just the datas in my explorer

will there ever be a version for Chrome OS?


Can you please make an android version of the game? I'd love to play it, but I don't have any other way to play without someone noticing.

My game black-screens every time I try to speak with Zenith, other than that I've had no issues.

Mine does too. It's rather upsetting to say the least

(1 edit) (+1)

Mac and Linux people: there is a way to get it working.

Some of the code calls for "./Content-Release/Assets/Gui/" and others call for "./Content-Release/Assets/GUI/". Make a shortcut of "./Content-Release/Assets/GUI/" in the Assets folder named "Gui" and that will fix the problem for now.

Instead of running the shell script, run the appropriate executable for your machine yourself.

We need some clearer instructions for mac here, I have no idea what the executable for mac looks like, and it is impossible to have a folder named GUI and Gui in the same folder as it will just rename it to add "copy" at the end

(wine is also not working to run the windows version but wine is more of a inconsistent hit or miss so this "might" work for some mac users)

Not this is not working for me on my mac Everytime i open the application it crashes/closes by its self

As I said after your comment:

Some of the code calls for "./Content-Release/Assets/Gui/" and others call for "./Content-Release/Assets/GUI/". Make a shortcut of "./Content-Release/Assets/GUI/" in the Assets folder named "Gui" and that will fix the problem for now.

Instead of running the shell script, run the appropriate executable for your machine yourself.

Genuinely enjoying this game! although it keeps crashing on me which makes it a little bit frustrating to play (I see a lot of people having the same problem aswell), Looking forward for it to be fixed so we all can continue playing! :)

Good evening! I'm having a little bit of trouble talking to the girl on the roof pool area, because each time I try to talk to them it shows up to the black screen with the beginning flavor text, and then it freezes. Trying to go back to other saves don't work since if a save is in the middle of a choice or dialogue, it breaks and doesn't work. I have to rely on the autosave.

I'd love to be able to experience this character, but everything I've tried doesn't work. I'm using the current version on Windows 10 btw. Let me know if any other information is needed!

coomed 10/10

how do I download it on iPhone?


Amorous? looks like High tail hall to me.


whenever  I try to go to the dragon dude to talk to him it just black screen how many times I try its the same problem 

will this game be getting an android version?


The game seems really cool but it keeps crashing on me whatever I do.

Hey. im having an issue. whenever i try to reload a save there is just a black screen. so i have to restart everytime. Im on pc by the way

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