A downloadable Amorous for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Amorous is an adults only furry dating sim where you can meet and romance your dream furry date. Create your own OC as either a human or custom furry species and test your charisma skills by exploring and approaching various characters, each with their own story progression and intimate scenes that you can unlock by completing all of their date paths!

This game was made possible thanks our our supporters on:
Patreon and Subscribestar! We are grateful to be able to make Amorous free for everyone.

  • 9 fully datable characters
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue with branching trees for replayability
  • Several mini-games and novelties
  • Fursona Maker / Character Creator with content for all gender, body-type and personality preferences.

  • Everyone is welcome to join our Discord Community!
    Amorous is also available on Steam.
Snaggletooth Studios
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 12, 2018
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsTeam Amorous, Jasonafex
Made withAdobe Photoshop, FNA
Tags18, Adult, Character Customization, date-simulator, Furry, fursona, NSFW, Porn, sex
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Community, Support, Twitter

Install instructions

• Windows - Extract & Launch Amorous.Game.Windows.exe
• Linux - Extract & launch Amorous.Game.Unix
Mac - Extract & launch Amorous-app

You may need to update .Net Framework and download C++ if you have any issues.


amorous-windows.zip 427 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-linux.zip 443 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-osx.zip 430 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021

Development log


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hmm what if we could customise character and have cumflation too?

cause nothing i do opens the linix version so can i get a bit of help?

can someone tell me how to run this on linix?


When I downloaded it, it loaded as mousepad when I opened it. Its icon looked like a piece of paper, too. I'm on Linux, can someone help?


Is there any way to play this on my Chromebook? Normally I have to download games that are andriod to play them


i love this game its kind of a thing of mine to replay this every 6 months because its the first furry game i played 

yeah it is the same for me to but I play it every 8 months


Excellent game lol. Played it for a “Try Not To Get Age Restricted” challenge! It’s the last game of the 3.


good game, but you got to fix the saves bug, you can't save on an option or the game will bug out and you have to alt+f4 and load a previous save


i am also requesting android


sorry to let you know but they stopped development for this game. They are working on another game.


There's a furry  amongraus


give link plzz


I, too, am requesting an android apk


sorry to let you know but they stopped development for this game. They are working on another game.


I hope it comes out soon on mobile. because unfortunately I only have cellu


sorry to let you know but they stopped development for this game. They are working on another game.


I found a bug!

I was talking to the lion guy and saved during the conversation, but when I loaded the save it was broke.

my version of the game just wont open no matter what I do, I've tried it all; I've tired running it as admin, downloading c++ again, downloading net framework again, re-installing it, turning my fucking computer on and off, looking online for help, downloading it somewhere else, but it just wont work! can anyone help?


I got the same issue here.

10/10, really liked this game, amazing writing and gorgeous art, really liked the character creator, kind of bummed out by not really being able to play as a girl but that's okay since this is a free experience. I went with Mercy and Seth. Seth was really cute, and I loved helping him reach his goal, and Mercy was relatable and fun and kinda what I aspire to be. Thanks, alot for bringing this experience into the world  : >

i loved this game

would like to see the ability to slide and make the breasts, cock and balls big or small similar to Fursona Maker, along with a button to make the cock erect in the customization part

just a suggestion


it's a great game, but there is a bug with loading saves, it hides the phone when you open up a save, and that keeps my old saves from being useable. maybe it could be fixed with a phone or ui hotkey


Please make a Android version I really want to play this game




the game won't do any update so there isn't android version


It would be nice have a mobile version


Fantastic game, too bad it's monogamy only...


I'm trying to access the game, but it says the file is too dangerous for my PC, could you fix that? 

It is probably because it is unsigned. You can bypass it usually if you are comfortable doing so. There is usually an option on your computer to learn more and then an option to keep/run it anyway.


win 8.1 pro

-2gb ram
-core 1.60 ghz
-1gb video

1 fps, all texture are "box white alpha" and visual unplayblable

im running this game on a windows vista machine with 1.5 gigs and pull a solid 30 fps 

try reinstalling the game


i have issues when saving and then loading a save the game just freezes


Quick question: If you have downloaded the game before, then delete it, will your save files be there when you re-download it?

Can you guys make a version that i can play on chromebook>

Same we NEED one

you can on chromebook, you have to use the linux distribution on chromebook, it should be in settings and you should be able to download the linux version of the game and play it that way:)

When I download the Linux version it looks like it downloaded a regular Windows version because I see a regular .exe file and not one titled "Amorous-App" which they list as how you launch the Linux version.

when I load saves in the middle of scene it doesn't load all the way, also can't talk to zenith black screen.

hi, for a long time i had the same problem, but only recently i noticed an unofficial update 1.0.5a in Steam community. this update fixes some bugs, like the ones you said

i can't even download the game wtf is going on here ive tried everything


For some reason whenever I try and open the game, it closes itself. Anyone know how to fix it?


I really loved tnis game! But i have just one problem with it, I would like to play witn a REAL female character. I meam, we can make a fem fursona, but for the game, we still are a man, and i think u can include this in a update or in a future game.

Anyway I liked so much to play it. Do u have another projects in mind? I would like to know


Will there be android version 🥺

Important note to devs! Saves seem to softlock when loading them!

the devs are gone btw


from what I remember (memory is a bit fuzzy as it wasn't long after the last update when it happened), there was some stuff between the developers. They abandoned the game and it hasn't been touched since then.

wait what ?

damn that sucks

i did see a steam discussion about a unofficial update

Game crashes whenever I try to open. Ive tried the mac and windows downloads and through steam.

for me to

It's a good game, I've been playing it a lot, but I've noticed that, at least for me, a bunch of the graphics are glitched out or not there. For example, in the pool area, the legs of characters in the water is in front of the water and also in the con part of the date with Skye, when she takes off her jacket, her body except for her head becomes invisible for me. I don't know if it's a bug on my end or in the game so that's why I'm reporting it.


It's really fun game the only problem I have with it is that I wanted to play a female character and I could make a female character but there are no sex animations for you as a female character please fix this in the next update thank you


Lets all just agree, this game is really goo

Anyone have any advice for the save file issue in 1.0.4? Is there anywhere to co tact the devs directly to ask?


someone has a 100% save game file?

I figured it was more fun to beat it myself, if you want you can search a guide to 100% it, that's what I did


Will there be an Android version?


When can we get this on Android or mobile

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