A downloadable Amorous for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Amorous is an adults only furry dating sim where you can meet and romance your dream furry date. Create your own OC as either a human or custom furry species and test your charisma skills by exploring and approaching various characters, each with their own story progression and intimate scenes that you can unlock by completing all of their date paths!

This game was made possible thanks our our supporters on:
Patreon and Subscribestar! We are grateful to be able to make Amorous free for everyone.

  • 9 fully datable characters
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue with branching trees for replayability
  • Several mini-games and novelties
  • Fursona Maker / Character Creator with content for all gender, body-type and personality preferences.

  • Everyone is welcome to join our Discord Community!
    Amorous is also available on Steam.
Snaggletooth Studios
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 12, 2018
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(1,078 total ratings)
AuthorsTeam Amorous, Jasonafex
Made withAdobe Photoshop, FNA
Tags18, Adult, Character Customization, date-simulator, Furry, fursona, NSFW, Porn, sex
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Homepage, Community, Support, Twitter


amorous-windows.zip 427 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-linux.zip 443 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021
amorous-osx.zip 430 MB
Version 1.0.4 Apr 13, 2021

Install instructions

• Windows - Extract & Launch Amorous.Game.Windows.exe
• Linux - Extract & launch Amorous.Game.Unix
Mac - Extract & launch Amorous-app

You may need to update .Net Framework and download C++ if you have any issues.

Development log


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Its no longer under development, no mobile version


Mobile version plz


christ dude 😭

do you know the way brother?


Mobile version plz


Mobile version plz


Mobile version plz


My God I would love a mobile version


Mobile version pls👉


In my opinion the best porn game I have and will ever play. I went into it thinking it would just be a simple porn game but it is so interesting how well the characters were made. I'm righting this after my first hookup (Lex) and this will probably be the only porn game I will play from now on.


i wish we had a pussy


We really need more updates or a continuation, this game is awesome, but it doesn't have much replay options, starting from saves doesn't give you much wiggle room for choices depending on where you saved and interactions are too long to restart completely, you can't redo dates or anything meaning unless you do the sex scenes you really can't commune with the characters again, I myself really like Lex, Zenith, Skye and Seth, and was kinda disappointed upon learning I couldn't do anything else with them. More characters would be nice or at least some added features, but I'm not top pressed on that topic.

The only real problem I had with the characters themselves was that some of their unhealthy behaviors didn't seem to be solved or fixed, if you decided to take the asshole route you could tell Skye you basically don't like her natural fur color which just destroys the whole final date emotionally, Lex was a bit weird as well as I chose the "both" route with gender and was a tad bit confused when the scene came to play, but that's not a big deal. 

Considering it's a free game about dating furries it's quite good and an 8/10, my only true issue is coby, by the time I realized he was my step bro it was too late.

Whenever I try to run this it doesnt run and creates a new log for the game


I want amorous to continue, I really liked you, and add more girls because there were more boys than girls, so make more girls and please don't cut corners, always continue as usual and see the future of amorous, but even though it's hard, but believe that you can do it, drop it It's hard and good so please continue if amorous and the girls in the game I really liked them in Iker skay and rex and also the sequel game of amorous 2 and know that all the fans believe in you and want there to be a sequel to amorous so please continue if it's amorous thank you Haida the biggest fan of the game amorous

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I like some of the writing however some of the various elements of some of the characters stories feel a bit contradictory and inconsistent. 

Spoilers btw.

I like the idea of Skye's story revolving around unhealthy behavior revolving around cosplaying and dressing naughty. Though some of the dialogue did feel kind of strange. Feels like the h side of the game wants you to admire her looks but then the profound side of the game kind of demotes it at the same time? Could just be the way I'm looking at it but still. That dance memory game was also kind of annoying. There's also a dialogue option when you first meet her where you tell her that it's unhealthy but my character said in a way that was meaner then I intended like a Tell Tale moment lol. At the end of her story she tells you more about her unhealthy behavior and it feels like the story attempts to resolve this. However, in the end you're given the option of picking what you want her to look like before you do the h scene with her. Why? Doesn't that completely go against what we were building up?

Same goes for Lex's story. Feels like the theme of Lex's story revolves around the fact that they're gender doesn't matter. Feels like the game really wants you to talk about it with them too. But then you're able to pick "what you think" their gender is, and then when you eventually get their h scene, it turns out to be the gender that YOU picked. Which again, kind of feels like it goes against the point. 

I think it's strange that we get to basically customize our experience with some these characters (Even if it means going against what we went over). How come we get to pick this character's gender and that character's unhealthy cosplay, but we can't do something like, picking whether Mercy has a junk or not? I know you could argue it's engraved in her character but you could say the same thing for Lex and Skye's development.

It kind of feels like the game is trying to be profound with interesting writing but at the same time remembers that you're playing an adult game at the end of the day and kind of throws some stuff out the window.

Bugs: I also had a problem where the game would break when I reloaded a save file by freezing me in place or making it so I couldn't pull my phone up, but I'm not sure if that's mainly a problem with the Steam version or not.

That's at least my experience. I didn't do many other character's in the story so I'm not sure how they would compare. I like the writing of the story, I'm interested in Mercy's character, the adventure you go on with Lex, and some of the themes of Skye's story. Though it did kind of feel like the story was inconsistent with what it was trying to do at times. When it goes over topics, it doesn't really feel like it fully commits to it or doesn't really know how to or it conflicts with the adult parts of the game. Game could also use some polishing in terms of it's functionality because I found myself having to start the game over multiple times because of the saving issue.

With all of that said, if you're into stuff like this, I would recommend giving it a shot, especially considering it's free. The writing is good and interesting in some areas. Just don't expect perfect writing when it comes to some of the stuff I went over.

Yes, I know the creators have issues but this game is free, you're not really supporting them. Just don't send them money and leave it there. So much time has passed since then and these are strangers on the internet we know through furry p*rn. We should only go so far by how much we care.

wish if you got both the males that fuck you could do gang bangs with them


We really need a android version

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Amorous in my opinion really is just the best Furry Visual Novel of the past decade or so, its writing is solid, it had cute femboys, and the characters memorable. An obvious 5/5 for anyone who likes romance :)

this game have me ptsd im now scared and never playing pc games again 


This is a good game and i think i may like furrys now lol


Yet still upcoming update on android and even iPhone

Deleted post

Does the character you play as always have a cock or is it possible to have a vagina?


only cocks

well thats a shame


You can choose breasts and a “slit”. It looks like a vagina, but no opening.

does anyone know how to play it with linux becaus i am about to kill whoever made linux


Yes I can help you


it's bad you can't load a save file


will new languages be added?


to whoever willingly plays this, go outside...


People get murdered and mugged out there. I'm good where I am thanks.  T^T


Go to Finland


pedo person that made this game


sheeeeesh don’t mind if I dooo 🫦


When will the game be available for Android devices?


I highly doubt it. This game and its creator, has ehhh- not very good history together. And the majority of the devs have actually quit.

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every time i try to load a save it either crashes or i get a weird issue where none of the UI or character sprites load. No way to access the menu, nothin. Which blows because i wanted to rock that edgy transmans fucking world.


yeah, I wouldn't support this dude...


Thanks for the link. OMG I'm half way through but DAMN are these assholes! :-O


Thanks, I checked out the video and peeked in on the creator's Twitter... 

Heads up for anyone that doesn't like NTR content: the creator (Jason) cucked some dude, stole his wife, and now obsessively posts artwork of him fucking the guy's wife.

Never would have know what a scumbag the creator is without this post, so thanks again Zygarnite. I'm avoiding this shit like the plague now lmao


What a nice game! i sure hope that it doesn't have any NSFW on it !

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Are they going to make new updates?


need player with a pussy,not always a cock >:(


im litterally crying beacause i cant continue my relationship with seth because i reached the end please add more for himm


its over no more development on it

(1 edit)

Decent game. Excellent character models. much thought must've went into their deep personalities. good background and well thought out side characters as well However, there's lots of room for improvement here: Rou (other bartender) needs to be a datable character, Sex scenes add anatomy to the player character ex: character doesn't have balls, but is shown with them in (all but one) sex scenes. Some characters don't use chosen pronouns, despite selecting them at the beginning. More character customization could be added. Player character needs option top or bottom, because most datable characters are automatically bottoms and game makes player a top


As much as i loathe JasonaFX, anyone know if there's a full game album available for download with direct links to their artists?


Has anyone figured out how to get it to open on a mac? The application just immediately closes. I tried looking for the duplicate GUI folder mentioned a while ago but it doesn't exist so that must not be the source of the issue anymore.

Can someone please tell me if I can play this on iPhone 12 and if so then how do I download the files correctly

on iphone, u can only download from the app store sadly

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