Amorous v1.0.3

Amorous v1.0.3 has been out for a while for Steam users, but the version was still at the now ancient v0.8.1! 

If you have been living under a rock for a while, let me reiterate: We officially launched the game on Steam a little over a month ago. 

This was partially by accident, since we (I) weren't ready for it yet. For most since the build that got released was a review build for Steam based on v0.9, not all the fancy stuff we had in mind for v1.0. But things happen, and as such, we embraced it, resulting in a steady flow of updates over the past month. 

Below is a list of changes made in the last version on Steam, if you are interested in that. But we can understand you might want to take a rain check on that, so you can get the game and start playing. Feel free to do so, no really, we won't mind.

As always, also feel free to give our forums a visit if you have something to report, or just want to check in with us :) vs Steam

  • NSFW-mode enabled by default, pervs.
  • Steam-integration disabled, but you will still get native in-game achievements.
  • Mac-version is a native app, which can be installed like any other app.


  • Added instructions on how to close debug overlay
  • Added support for a .txt-extension on a certain file
  • Fixed textspeed dropdown not always having a value selected
  • Fixed DJ achievement
  • Fullscreen no longer stretches the game, but centers it correctly.
  • Exit button on dialogue now exits to main menu
  • Debug overlay now retains information of the last cutscene


  • Added "-disablesound" command-line argument as a workaround to prevent a rare crash on startup
  • Fixed issue where switching scene too fast would cause an StackOverflowException
  • Fixed crash when you switch to fullscreen through the main menu
  • Fixed crash by a DllNotFoundException even though all dependencies are correctly installed (Windows)
  • Fixed various other crashes

Steam specific

  • Fixed Steam integration on Linux 64-bit
  • Native screenshots are now handed to Steam when available


  • Fixed saves from being locked in invalid scenes
  • Fixed loading during a cutscene not properly resetting everything
  • All saves that are made during a dialogue will cancel the dialogue and go back to the club.
  • Corrected an issue with the Gender questionnaire, this will only affect new saves.

Player Customization

  • Added ability to close colorpicker
  • Added better responsiveness to the color spectrum of the colorpicker
  • Added more feedback to the character customization
  • Fixed layer order issues when customization your character
  • Fixed templates giving a player boobs when going from a SFW-save to a NSFW-save


  • Added all NPC specific extras to contacts
  • Added ability to change character at any time during the game
  • Added ability to delete a contact in order to reset the associated dates
  • Fixed phone from allowing to click the scene behind it in certain cases
  • DJ can now be used in any club scene
  • Changed phone message when you try to call the date you are having sex with
  • Right-click can now be used to go back on the phone


  • Fixed all instances where two NPCs can overlap
  • Fixed issue where game could start lagging when using Alt+tab
  • Fixed issues with dates that were forever locked in a fail-state
  • Fixed issues in Skye's second date
  • Fixed various other dialogue related issues

And best of all… we've probably forgotten to mention at least a few more! Also see

Files 430 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 15, 2018 443 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 15, 2018 427 MB
Version 1.0.3 May 15, 2018

Get Amorous


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Can you make a version that is compatible with a Chromebook?

I feel your pain bro, I hope someone replies with something About Chromebook version '-'

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How do you download the game if you're using an android phone?


try windows or apple


Why installe iphone


greetings, I'm making a collection of games around Impregnation/pregnancy and wonder does your game include that or do you plan on including that content?


Maybe make a mobile version :\


Sadly forgot to put in the Phone.atlas.txt... always getting an error message trying to start the game

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(Sorry about posting a review here and for its considerable length, but Steam wouldn't let me post it 'cause apparently I have some bullshit called a "limited account".)

So let me start by saying I stumbled upon this game by accident and played it as a joke. A year ago I had figured out how to run steam on my Linux computer, and was browsing through the library of free to play games. I discovered Amorous, and at first I was laughing and wondering exactly how far we had strayed for god. However, I read NSFW in the tags and my abundance of curiosity got the better of me, so I downloaded it just to see how bad it was. It turned out I was completely wrong, at least for the time being. I was amazed by the level of character customization available, however I was confused as to why you couldn’t switch genders at the time (I had no idea the steam version was locked in SFW), but I got past that aspect. After I had laughed at the prologue, I continued into Club Amorous, admired the female crowd, then picked my first date: Skye. After her introduction I found I couldn’t stop myself from playing. I also got Seth’s number but I didn’t finish his storyline. I continued through Skye’s instead and wound up getting hooked on the game as well, I began to really enjoy the story. After I discovered that steam was SFW only, so I waited until I got a windows computer to get it from Of course by the time I got a new computer they had released it for Linux, but that’s besides the point. 

This time I began as a female to spice things up, and started dating the character Remy instead, and I started really enjoying both her character and her story from the beginning. Maybe it’s my overwhelming loneliness in life, or I just have a thing for anthropomorphic Bunnies that I didn’t know about, but over time I actually found myself really fond of and attached to her. I started questioning my sanity but in the end just gave in. I loved every second of my time in game with her, and wanted to spend as long as possible in every text box just to admire her. Now here’s where my complaints come in: I had been warned in character customization that this game was made with a male character in mind, which I found strange and slightly non-inclusive, but I continued playing not realizing how strange things would become on the final date. Whoever wrote Remy’s storyline did a better job than Skye’s (I’ll get to that) playing off the dick that I suddenly grew with no context as a “toy”, but that didn’t really come across during the actual love scene. I tried to brush that too as I’ve never had too much of an issue with Futanari, but it was still pretty fucking weird. You couldn’t just take a little time out of your day to animate some lesbian furry intercourse? I was also confused as to why there was only one ending screen consisting of a half naked Skye, but that’s a minor issue. After the scene it ended as if it was leading on to more dates, like we would see each other again ingame, so the next thing I did was return home (The game drops you off back at the club once you’ve finished a character’s story) and tried to call Remy again. However, all I received was a message saying “You’ve completed all dates with Remy!” So wait, you’re gonna get me hooked on a character, have my “Fursona” fall madly in love with them, get hot and heavy, lead on to more consecutive dates with nothing to indicate that I’ll never see them again other than a credit sequence, and then just prevent me from calling them and not write anymore dates?! Fuck off. This left me with a sense of overwhelming depression and Ennui, as I felt like I had just lost a good friend and didn’t know what to do with my life anymore. After a day of contemplation, I decided to try out Skye’s storyline again, since there’s about 6 guys you can date but only 2 girls. This one seemed much more poorly adapted for a female player character, as it was basically the same as the previous time I played except pronouns for the player aren’t really used much. There are some strange moments like describing getting an erection even though my character doesn’t have a penis and such, but this system mostly worked out, albeit feeling kind of lazily done. On the final date I without any explanation suddenly grew an actual dick this time. Once again, it wouldn’t take too much effort just to animate a separate scene for this (believe me, I’ve animated a fair share of hentai myself). Once again I get dropped off at the club without any sort of hint that I’m just leaving that character and never calling them back. I start to realize that the way this is set up, the player character comes off as a massive douchebag, and the fact that you can date multiple people at once in this game just adds to this. They date 2 to 3 or even 4 people at the same time, act like completely different people to please them all, bang them, tell them they love them, and then just never speak to them again like they’re just old fucking toys and return to the club to find someone else to repeat the cycle with. The final character I tried was Seth, hoping there’d at least be some sort of concrete ending to his character. However his storyline seemed like the laziest of them all. Through the whole thing I usually only ever had about 2 dialogue options when they came up, usually being either a yes or no answer or two answers that lead to the same outcome. The ending had the beginnings of an explanation as to why I never talk to Seth again, but once again I grew a dick for no reason and then it ended on a FUCKING CLIFFHANGER. WHY. DAMN YOU TEAM AMOROUS.
In conclusion, this game has the potential to be amazing, but it feels unfinished in many aspects, and doesn’t have a concrete ending for any of the characters (or at least for the 3 I played through). On the off chance that someone on the dev team actually has the time or patience to read this far into this overdone several paragraph essay of a review, my humble requests are this:
1. Give a concrete ending to each character, then end that save game so that it doesn’t feel like I’ve just been using the character I finished dating.
2. Make the game more inclusive for people who want to play as female but not as a Futa. Animate some alternate sex scenes for people who choose not to put a shlong on their Fursona.
3. Add more dateable female characters to club Amorous. I appreciate the two you’ve included so far, but we straight and lesbian Incel creeps in our basements need more.
4. Maybe add an ending screen for each character? Not a big deal but it would be appreciated.
Until these things are addressed or fixed, I wouldn't recommend the game unless loving someone and then leaving them in the dust is your style and / or kink.
Thanks to anyone who reads this, and I hope to see some updates in the near future, because this game is capable of being one of the best visual novels I’ve ever played, but right now it feels more like an early access title than a finished game.

                                                                                  -Your Average Teenage Perv


when will there be an update for its been a year since it has been updated :/ and hopefully they add it to android aswell

I agree it needs to be on android 


The game doesn't load at all. I click on "Amorous.Game.Windows.exe" and it just doesn't open. I've tried run as administrator and turning my computer off and on again but it still doesn't open. any tips?




Great game. will it be available for android?

This a brilliant game. The character customization is great. The options for it are good but kinda limited. The story for each character is well thought and very heart warming. It feels like each character have their own personalities and with the way the games has been designed, drags you in more to explore and understand the character, their story, their personalities and everything in between. Its more than a simple NSFW game. I can find very few faults with the game. It was a great experience and fun game to play, as well as heart warming. I love games that give their characters a real personality and this games defiantly doesn't fail on that aspect. This game was really well designed and I thank the developers for taking their time to make such a wonderful game. 

Before I finish this I would like to add a few ideas for possible improvements. I did mention that the character customization the was great but it is limited with choices, mainly on species. I (along with others) would like a few more choices when it comes to our character especially when our fursona is different from what we can create in game due to limitations. The gender of your character is another thing that let's it down. Although this game was designed for males in mind it would be nice if a female player aspect was considered. Not all females who are interested in this want to play as a futa, so it would be nice if a female aspect was included with virgina choice instead of a dick for female players. I know the game mentions why this couldn't happen at the games release, limitations and such (and i understand fully) but with the game now out an update could be worked on to include such a thing. It would be a cool  inclusion for a wider audience.  Moving on from character customization, I think the story for the characters, despite being well thought of, are pretty short to say the least. I feel like the stories could be extended and give everyone more of a heart warming experience.  A three "date" (part) story is okay to some degree but for players like me, we enjoy the story element and love to get drawn in by the amazing story for each character but the shortness of the stories can be a let down for story folks like myself. Adding a few more dates or even extending the story past the first sex scene would really help  the story element of the game.

Looking past these minor let downs, I really did enjoy every second of the game. Everything was well thought of and really well designed. The choice of music was brilliant and really did help set the mood for each segment of the story.

 I admit I did come across a few bugs with main characters appearing as just a head or just a body or even not clothed (Cheats inactive) as well as music from the main menu continuing into the game, in scenes where it doesn't belong. 

Besides from those minor bugs, I would recommend this game to fellow players and it was a great experience. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game.

So, there's this one stripper in the club with a tail that has a mouth on it and I would love it if she could be a dating option, that would be amazing. Thank you.


Alright so like. I've downloaded games to my computer before. I'm not new to the process for installing stuff and about a year ago I was able to download the game just fine. but I gots sum problemz wit this new sheit. I was able to download and extract the files without a problem but an error message pops up saying that I am unable open the application with a question under it asking if I would like to learn why. I press on it: nothing. I then believe that I can't open it because I don't have installed. Install can't find the game on the app or website. I then think that it's because I don't have the two installation requirements to run the game. Install both: both say that I already have them on my computer. Boi all I wanna do is just play the gaaaaaaaaaaaamme.

and yes, I am aware that I can play it on steam but I wanna see sum of the... *cough cough*

Hello Jasonafex, if you read this, I want to propose a new game, it's about a dark themed universe where there are two groups of people: humans and anthropomorphic animals, they live in district's and have large police stations, both in the heart of the two cities, there are two characters, including the rest of the population of the two cities, but the main character is the most important, his name is Matt, he's a deer detective, and then there is Bruni "death penalty" gigante, a bunny mobster boss, the Don of the Gigante family, think of the story, and get back to me 

Best regards, the careless wisper 

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