Amorous v1.0.4 hotfix

Unfortunately, some files got mixed up with the release yesterday, breaking the Mac and Linux builds of the game. A hotfix was just released to fix that issue.

On top of that, we saw reports of the Club Amorous DJ crashing the game. We also fixed that issue with this release on all platforms.

Last but not least, we noticed the High DPI mode on Mac needs some manual work to get right. As such, we moved the High DPI mode to a startup argument for advanced users: -highdpi.

To get High DPI mode working properly (as in, your menu won't be shown in the top-left with lots of black around it), follow these steps:
- Start the game without the -highdpi startup argument
- In the main menu under "Options", set your resolution to the maximum possible. Also turn on fullscreen mode.
- Close the Options-window properly (in order to save your changes).
- Close the game, or if you are no longer able to click "Quit", press CMD+Q instead.
- Set the -highdpi startup argument
- Start the game

You should now have a High DPI version of Amorous. Keep in kind that toggling fullscreen will break the High DPI mode and you will have to restart the game!

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Version 1.0.4 65 days ago

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I was a little disappointed... spent lot of time interacting with 3 characters and got nowhere so closed the game... will go back and try again later.