Amorous has been Updated!

For those who are unfamiliar with Amorous, it is a 18+ furry dating sim you can play for free right now on Itch & Steam! It recently broke one million downloads on the two platforms combined.

I recently reached out to our old programming lead Lennian if he would be interested in patching Amorous in order to celebrate the games ongoing popularity and success within the community. I am very grateful for the amount of love the game and it's characters have received over the years and wanted to give it a proper sendoff before we begin working on a sequel.

Amorous was our first game development project and while a lot of our team dynamics and ideas have changed since that time, we learned a lot from the experience and always look back on the final product with an enthusiastic, heartwarming smile. It has it's fair share of flaws and lack of polish, but overall it resonated with players and that was the ultimate goal. There are 100+ people playing Amorous right now , 3 times as many players than Artifact!

Fortunately Lennian was happy to be back in good spirits with the new team and dusted off his build of Amorous to give it one more quality of life update after 3 years of inactivity. We are happy to announce version 1.0.4 is out on both platforms now!

Our previous collaborations such as BBS Classic and Fursona Maker have been added to our Itch game collection and have all received page facelifts to bring them more in line with our recent titles. Our old Flash games such as Toy Tester & Bedplay can be found on Newgrounds!

------- Changelog

  • Added more debug information
  • Added support for NSFW-mode and Non-Steam as .txt
  • Added more subtle breathing animation for non-animated NPCs
  • Added backwards compatibility with Windows XP
  • Added support for forcing DX11 as rendering device (-d3d11)
  • Added support for high DPI resolutions
  • Added achievements to Diary on the phone
  • Added zoom toggle to player customization
  • Added support for using a sexscene as a preview in the player customization
  • Fixed DJ achievement icons
  • Fixed startup crash when options-file is completely empty
  • Fixed odd startup crash when a scene is not properly loaded yet
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes related to the game having a weird working directory
  • Fixed a crash related to corrupted player templates
  • Fixed missing body parts in Lex's and other dates (again)
  • Fixed occasional auto-skip in dialogue, even when disabled.
  • Fixed breathing animation causing occasional graphical glitches
  • Fixed most, if not all, path-separators for case-sensitive filesystems.
  • Fixed dialogue NPCs showing behind pool NPCs in the Club Pool scene.
  • Fixed issue where loading a save from your phone could lock you out of the phone
  • The phone will now show modals more clearly
  • Reworked the messages view on the phone
  • Reworked the dialogue window to be more responsive to user actions
  • Dialogue will now wait for a NPC to be visible before showing
  • Urls are now opened using the Steam overlay, when available.
  • A crashlog is now created even if the game crashes directly after starting
  • NSFW mode is now enabled by default
  • Enabled/Disabled cheats will now be saved to the options file
  • Misc bug fixes

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This update will be added on the Steam version too, right?


Kinda hoping that they could've added final scene for all of the character just like Zenith 2nd ending


it was a long time but, this game is still worth your time.


Is it just me or the Mac version does not work?


will a sequel 

Deleted 59 days ago