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I wish this game was on android

So is Amorous going to get any new characters or additions to the existing characters? Because when I look at the dev log I see the latest update was last year. Or is this game no longer getting updates?

The game is considered "complete."


Would love to see a mobile version of this

are they still making updates for this game? or no?




how do i get dustin? he just always gets mad after talking or walks off

zenith is broken too, just a black screen when i try to interact

try to search for tutorial on steam about dustin and if on 1.0.4 about zenith play 1.0.3 version of it.

You can get them, you just have to chose the write text. It's hard though. Also, for the black screen, I think that may be a feature.

whenever i try and open the game, it closes itself

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a lot of bugs the biggest one is loading a save you cant see the text or interact with it, so saves are useless

You may need to update .Net Framework and download C++ if you have any issues.

Downloaded it and its all kinds of buggy. Every time  save on a choice so i can go back and redo the choice if i dont like the outcome, when i load it its just a black screen or the character im talking to isnt there. Twice when i went tot alk to two diffrent characters i got a black screen and had to reload the game

You may need to update .Net Framework and download C++ if you have any issues.


Played alot on steam, very good game. wish there were more of these.


i see its a very well put together game its just its kinda short in my eyes you could have made it a bit longer on the date's/missions


hello i have a cuestion you have any traduccion in spanish

love the game, but ran into a bug, after completing Remy's story line, the phone becomes unaccessible, and when i return home using Coby my safe file seems unusable. help?

wait nope, bouncer outside fixes it if u talk to him

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i though i can play a woman in this game but the game litterally gave me a futa(and why the cock custom didn't work,i change my cock to clitt but in sex screen is become a human dick,why)

thats because the creators of the game didnt implent scenes for vaginaholders


I love Zenith I wish we get more time with him please creater of this game give me more time with him oh and also give him a part were he comes saves me to please and thank you 

my gameplay

so, i'm trying to talk to zenith the first time and the screen just,,, blacks out? won't let me get any farther 


I got that glitch with a few scenes. I just had to load a save then try again


A very great game I must say! The beautiful animation is here is just perfect. The background music fits the theme for each plot nicely. Most importantly, I really enjoy the characters! My favorite one by far is Seth for his wholesome nature and cute personality. The game does tend to have it's moments of glitches here and there like sometimes you cannot progress a character's dialogue, or when you load a save where you left off you cannot click on anything nor proceed. Other than that, a very great and astonishing game! Would definitely play more games like this.

Hey, is there any way to fix the Fullscreen Bug? It's like all zoomed in, even tough it matches my Screen resolution.


just finished zenith , i have a bit of a soft spot for dragons XD.

I attempted to slow burn the romance (start off casual and slowly grow in romance) , both the main character and zenith misunderstood my intentions but that is fine i suppose.

i figured i'd try something and instead of going like an atomic bomb of romance (very fast and very hot all at once but over just as fast) i figured i'd be more like a campfire (not as hot but a nice steady burn that last a long time).

I guess it wasn't a complete failure as long as just ignore the dialog the suggest that it wasn't planned.

i've pretty much dated all the others anyways but it's been a while so i figured i'd start again with the 1 character i haven't dated at all yet :)
but outside of the species favoritism skye is still by far my favorite character when it comes to personality.

i'm also waiting for some visual novels to get updates as well and i know this game is good for entertainment since been playing it since before it was on steam and you had to go to their own site to get the game.


oops... XD so apparently loading a save from in the middle of a conversation breaks the game. loaded it and.... no UI :)

i have a kinda soft spot for Dating Sims. I've always heard of this games and have seen a few friends play it but to play it myself its a different story. My interactions with the characters i went after where very engaging and amazing so much that it broke my writers block. I do hope to see this game continues and each characters stories are continued or even more characters to meet with greater stories! heck even a Amorous 2 would be a great thing even but Thank you for making a fun game. I hope to find more of your work soon!

Ok, so I'm stuck on the cooking with Remy, how do I do it right? I keep getting the shit-pasta

wait like 5 seconds between adding each ingredient then when the finish cooking pops up at the bottom wait 5-10 seconds. You can save and reload right at the start of the minigame to ensure you have plenty of tries


hey, is there a fix for the resolution bug?

I have it on 1080P and it's all weirdly zoomed in!

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You need to add more pls. I love this game


i really like this game and it make me happy its still alive. great work 


Yo can u make mobile pls


The game is very good, has engaging characters, you can do anything, besides special minigames, but I think it would be even better if it had an android version, then it would be five stars!!!

If you experianced an black screen, try the old 1.0.3 version.


could you please add in more female characters I think Skye is the only one but I might also just be a idiot great game either way

There's two, Skye and Remy


not to sound rude or anything but some characters are a little broken like the dragon by the door i tried talking to him but all i got was a black screen the music was still there and the mouse i could still move it but that's it if you could can you check that out please 

Hi, try the 1.0.3 version. It's worked for me.


How do you download 1.0.3? The latest is 1.0.4 and there isnt any option to download older versions.

Normally, if you use the luncher, you can go to the option and select another version on a list.


Remy's naked pictures doesn't show up. the game crashes

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue but on the linux build it seems to not run if STDOUT is a terminal, easily fixed by just piping to /dev/null, but very odd...

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the linux port is busted

Edit: the fix is to copy the gui folder in the assets, and have one named GUI, and the other Gui


I was trying to click on zenith the green dragon and i'm stuck in black screen on the version 1.0.4.

Can you fix it ?


Are there new characters in the game? Its been a good few years since I played this.


as far as i can tell there is a few new background characters in the club since i've played a long while ago but no new dateable characters.

i kind of wish they add some interactions at least, maybe just some friendly banter that doesn't lead up to anything romantic or sexual for the currently background only characters,
i think that added depth would be nice and may even increase the value of the already dateable characters because we can compare them and the background characters could even friendly banter about the dateable characters.

but likely wont be done at least for some good amount of time if it ever would be.

I have watched your game be played on fabulous aura and sadly I don't have a computer although I do wish you could make a version for Android or any mobile devices


Whenever I try to talk to Zenith, I get stuck at a black screen. Tried all the "fixes" but nothing worked


Idk why but when im trying talk to zenith game giving me black screen

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when i download it i cant open it. there is also no shortcut in the screen i just see the data in my explorer
and its not avalible on steam in my country per link
i also didnt find it on steam :/


hey i really like the game, maybe you could tune down some of the trasphobia stuff though its a bit triggering and its not needed, theirs also not any homo phobia so?


But I really like that characters ask for your pronouns and make sure your comftebole; it is very realistic and matches my own experience. its nice too be acknowledged


That’s Jasonafex for ya

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